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Work is changing. We need relevant, current, and understandable approaches and materials for learning to take place. The Community link on our top-right navigation window takes you to a sign in page for the Learningbytes Community. We ask you to sign in so we can truly work and communicate together.

Learningbytes is started by me, Kelly Cooper, a CA Community College educator and High School project based learning developer. What I enjoy most about education is interacting with faculty and students. What I enjoy most about life is learning. My kids are grown and I see Learningbytes as (this will sound corny) a way I can somehow channel Jimmy Carter. He had some good days and some tough days as a leader, after which he dedicated himself to a life of service, complex problem-solving, and farming.

The online community you will enter is Mighty Networks, founded by Gina Bianchini. Gina previously co-founded Ning. The network is secure, no data are shared, and no ads will lurk nearby. In our Mighty Networks instance we offer events, mini-courses, meetings, materials (all free), and opportunities to connect. We face challenges as teachers and learners that can be addressed together.


CA Community College Careers

Medium Publication and Learningbytes Community Launch

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WQ - Workforce Intelligence

Podcast, Community, PBL Launch

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New Collar Economy

OER teaching and learning materials for the new workforce

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